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Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank #300: Quittin’ Time (with Jeff Danis and Ryan O’Neill)

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photoshop by Michael Sherman

Danish and Oneill came over to my Los Angeles AirBnB to talk about when it’s time to call it a career in show business. That was the topic. Obviously we tangented onto some ridiculous crap. And somehow we managed to end it around a fire pit making smores. I’m not quite sure how that happened. It’s always a good time when Jeff Danis and Ryan Oneill come on and this one was no exception. Now hopefully Danis will come to his senses and release the episode of Danish and Oneill that I did over a year ago.

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Episode Details

Find out all about Danish And Oneill’s new project, Knockers, sometimes starring Cheese Parmazzisi.

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Some rando stuck his hand in to the shot because I think he didn’t realize what we were trying to show. But you can really see the difference in wristbands. Look closely under the devil horns and you can see the gum!


The Music

Dead Kennedy’s – Take This Job And Shove It

Little Richard – I’m Quitting Show Business

Dropkick Murphys – Going Out In Style

Bill Anderson – Quits


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Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank #260: The Michael Jackson of Helping Sick Children (with Steve Simeone)

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photoshop by @Vegas_702

photoshop by @Vegas_702

Steve Simeone and I had some dinner, watched a college basketball game, and talked about all the time he spends over at Children’s Hospital. He’s been going over there all the time for over a year now. He hangs out with the sick kids and just kind of plays with them. And he does it all the time. It’s a really nice story. We also get into a little bit about the late great Gary Handling and the surprising amount he meant to all of us at the Comedy Store

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Episode Details

To give blood in the Los Angeles area: 323-361-2441


If you want to donate time or money, here are 3 places Simeone says are all great causes.

St Jude is helping treat and cure childhood cancer

Regular Hero is a group dedicated to helping people help others. They come up with creative ways to show you how you probably already have the power to help.

Be The Match is the group that’s trying to get as many bone marrow people tested as possible. It’s an easy-in, easy-out way to do it. And if you match with someone down the road, you will for sure save a person’s life who would die if you hadn’t gotten tested.

Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles is where Steve Volunteers

Here’s a video of someone else volunteering her time there. You will cry.

It started a trend of kids in children’s hospitals all over doing their own version of the song.

Again, you will cry. Why aren’t we all helping? Why am I not helping? It’s time I help.


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The Music

Ghostface Killa (feat Trife Da God and Solomon Childs) – Grew Up Hard

Social Distortion – Sick Boy (great lo-fi video from the 90s)

Lou Reed – Perfect Day

Gary Shandling’s Show Theme Song


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