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Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank #291: Balding Eagles (with Mark Normand, Sean Donnelly, and Kurt Metzger)

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photoshop by Etamaros Peleg

Mark Normand, Sean Donnelly, and Kurt Metzger came to my apartment talk about the number 2 most important issue facing men today; balding. (boners are number 1). It was mostly fun meanderings but we still managed to talk all about hair loss from time to time in between making ourselves laugh.

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The Music

Ingrid Michaelson – The Way I Am

Cinderella – Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone)

Lighting’ Hopkins – Bald Headed Woman

Hair the Musical – Hair


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Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank #247: Mickey D’s (with Mike Lawrence)

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photoshop by @DanielRayner

photoshop by Daniel Rayner

Mike Lawrence worked at McDonalds. For, like, a long time. I mean years. I know, right? So this episode is all about that. He came over to my apartment on his way home from his new writing job on Inside Amy Schumer (out in April) and we talked about all things Mickey D’s. I know it’s the cliched restaurant for a terrible job, but after you hear this episode you’ll realize that cliches are around for a reason. It sounds awful.

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Episode Details


Download Mike’s podcast, Nerd of Mouth. See, that title is a play on words. Whereas you previously might have heard of word of mouth, Mike has changed that first word into a nerd. It makes the ear perk up when you hear it. And in case you thought there was no 2nd layer, Mike himself is a nerd. So not only does it sound weird, but it makes sense. And that’s the kind of wordplay Mike was banking on you loving when he came up with the title of his podcast, Nerd of Mouth. You get it better now?


The Music

Big Mac Song

Wesley Willis – Rock and Roll McDonalds

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – Parents Just don’t Understand

The Doobie Brothers – Nothing but a Heartache


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