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Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank #312: Resolutionaries (with Tracy Morgan, Rich Vos, Yannis Pappas, Chris Distefano, Jared Freid, Joe Macchi, Sam Morril, Des Bishop, Cipha Sounds, Bonnie McFarlane, and Big Jay Oakerson)

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(Photoshop by @RayTaylor)

New years resolutions with Rich Vos, Big Jay Oakerson, Chris Distefano, Sam Morril, Tracy Morgan, Des Bishop, Joe Machi, Bonnie McFarlane, Cipha Sounds, Yannis Pappas, and Jared Freid.

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The Music

U2 – New Years Day

Otis Redding and Carla Thomas – New Years Resolution

The Walkmen – In The New Year

Sheryl Crow – A Change Would Do You Good

David Bowie – Changes

John Lennon – Just Like Starting Over

The Magnetic Fields – I Don’t Believe You

The Bill Gaither Trio – I Am A Promise

Black Lips – Starting Over

Beastie Boys – Resolution Time

Camera Obscura – New Years Resolution

Regina Spektor – My Dear Acquaintance (A Happy New Year)


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Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank #70: Funny Girl with Bonnie McFarlane

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Skeptic Tank 70: Funny Girl with Bonnie McFarlane (photoshop by @NeonAfroHorse)

Skeptic Tank 70: Funny Girl with Bonnie McFarlane (photoshop by @NeonAfroHorse)

Bonnie McFarlane met me in Montreal to talk about this theory going around that women aren’t funny. She just finished shooting a movie on teh subject and she’s a funny woman herself, so she had a lot of really good insight on the subject.

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Guest Videos

These NEVER get old to me. Fuck, that was a powerful video.
Bonnie McFarlane – Do You Party?
Jokes Joke of the Day Funny Jokes

Fuck. I couldn’t find fuck all for new standup up videos for Bonnie. Why doesn’t everyone have something up from the last 6 months? Including me.


The Music

Barbara. The greatest Jew that ever lived.


Beastie Boys – Girls. The wiki page says they’ve never played this song live. That can’t be true, can it?


Liz Phair – This is what it looks like to have severe stage fright.


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