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Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank #292: Cleavage Day 2017 (with the Legion of Skanks; Luis J Gomez, Big Jay Oakerson, and Dave Smith)

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photoshop by Trevor Ryan

The entire Legion of Skanks came with me on an ogling walk around Manhattan during my 2nd favorite* holiday of the year, Cleavage Day. Dave Smith, Luis J Gomez, and Big Jay Oakerson and I walked as a group around the city, enjoying the rewards of the first warm day of the year. It was such a fun day! So join us on a wonderful adventure.

*Shroomfest (this year it falls on July 8-10)


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The Music

Regina Spektor – Summer in the City

Digable Planets – Pacifics (I think this was my favorite song when I lived in Israel)

Black Eyed Peas – Let’s Get Retarded (biggest sellout move I’ve ever seen when they changed the lyrics to “Let’s get it started) so they could do NBA commercials)

Soundgarden – Blow Up The Outside World (listen to his first words)


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Luis J Gomez

Big Jay Oakerson

Ari Shaffir

Dave Smith (loser with no instagram)



Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank #270: NY Pizza Party (with Alexis Guerreros)

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photoshop by @Etamaros

photoshop by @Etamaros

Alexis Guerreros took me on a pizza tour of New York. He’s a standup comic but he runs these tours for extra cash and he took me on one, showing me his favorite of 3 different styles of pizza. Pizza and New York have a storied connection and Alexis explained how that all came up, the deal with 1 dollar slices, and even where pizza originated. It’s an on location style podcast through the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn. Join us for a delicious slice.

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Episode Details


The crust at Don Antonio’s (50th and 8th)



Half garlic, half plain from Sam’s Restaurant (somewhere in Brooklyn)



A precooked pie from NY Pizza Suprema (somewhere around 42nd and 8th, right near the Garden)


The Music

Norman Fox and the Rob Roys – Pizza Pie

2Pac – My Block

Jonas Brothers – Pizza Girl

Mary Kate and Ashley Olson – Gimme Pizza Song (Slowed Down)

David’s Pizza Commercial

The Mutants – Pizza

Dean Martin – That’s Amore


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