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Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank #303: The 2018 State of the Union (with Dave Smith)

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(photoshop by @ManicMolly)

Dave Smith came to my apartment to have a chat about America. Dave is a really well read staunch libertarian. So he breaks it down from an intelligent place that’s not biased towards any powerful political party. (*Libertarians are not powerful). It’s a great, accessible way to hear about the state of the United States.

Make sure to support Dave Smith by buying his debut special, “Libertas,” at

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The Music

Green Day – American Idiot

Jimi Hendrix – Star Spangled Banner

Mike Jones – Back Then

Chicano Batman – This Land is Your Land


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Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank #133: Fuck The Government with Dave Smith

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photoshop by @Gnice3d

photoshop by @Gnice3d

Dave Smith came over to my apartment so we could talk about this growing disillusionment I’m experiencing with our federal government. Dave is a devout libertarian and he knows a lot more of the facts than I do, so we discussed a lot of where we’ve gone wrong and where our politicians and generals have betrayed the will of its people. Listen to it now, because when the revolution comes, downloading podcasts won’t be easy.

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Episode Details

Way to set the camera at the right angle, dipshit.


This wasn’t a long time ago. This was 2007. You probably can remember where you were in 2007. The same people responsible for this ARE STILL IN POWER. We’ve lost control. Knowing won’t do anything. They don’t care if we know. They don’t care.


The Music
Immortal Technique – Fuck the Government
Black Sabbath – War Pigs (I was gonna start it after the musical break but that’s one of the greatest pieces of drumming in the history of rock)
NOFX – We Called it America
BYU Men’s Chorus – Battle Hymn of the Republic


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Tickets for This Is Not Happening storyteller show recording on October 1.

Here’s who’s in so far. We need people to start making reservations for the FIRST show. Joe Rogan, Moshe Kasher, Kumail, and I are on that one so far.

Kurt Braunholer
Joey Diaz
Fortune Feimster
Moshe Kasher
Kumail Nanjiani
Big Jay Oakerson
Steve Rannazzisi
Joe Rogan
Ari Shaffir