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Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank #319: Boston Tea Farty (with Joe List)

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photoshop by Cake Nygard

Joe List kept me awake on the drive back from Boston by telling me all about Boston. Meta as balls, huh? He grew up out there and we talked about all the casual violence, the racism, the women, the drinking, the sports. Everything we could think of. And while we were driving, we passed by where Joe picked up herpes. So it’s like a tour of his diseased shaft at the same time. And we did all this while I showed off the best Boston accent that’s every been done.

Joe List is in this season of The Standups on Netflix. Definitely check it out. He’s one of the best comedians in New York. Do yourself a favor and watch it. Add it right now to your watch list, and then watch it first chance you get. The Standups Season 2. Enjoy.


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Click to watch Joe on season 2 of The Standups that’s now streaming on Netflix.



The Music

Dave Loggins – Please Come to Boston

Big Wig – Cheers Theme

Vampire Weekend – Ladies of Cambridge

The Kingston Trio – M.T.A.

They Might Be Giants – Wicked Little Critta


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Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank #317: Ski Utah (with Ryan O’neill, Nick Diaz, and Bert Kreischer)

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(photoshop by Chris Duranko)

Ryan Oneill drove with me from Salt Lake City to Boise to talk about the gnar pow we got in Utah. We skied 6 out of 7 days, stayed at 3 different places, and did 5 shows. It was a tremendous week of skiing some of the best powder on earth. We talked about the skiing, the AirBnBs, the city of Salt Lake and much, much more. Plus Nick Diaz finally wakes up towards the end and really opens up and gets vulnerable for a little.

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Episode Details

That old piano with the box of song scrolls sitting to the left.


This was on the back of Popular Science (September 1977)


Carpeted bathroom. I mean… You woulda had to clean the area around the toilet ever single day. Probably every 7 hours.




The Music

The Invitations – Skiing In The Snow

Snow – Informer

Christine Lavin – Good Thing He Can’t Read My Mind

Marvin Gaye – Purple Snowflakes

Yoko Ono – Snow Is Falling All The Time


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