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Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank #232: The Wrestler (with Colt Cabana)

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photoshop by @Vegas_702

photoshop by @Vegas_702

Colt Cabana had me over to his flat in Edinburgh, Scotland for a talk about indy wrestling. Colt is a looper. He’s made a living as a wrestler for almost two decades. We talked about the travel, the money, the trials and tribulations. Everything about what it’s like to be an independant wrestler. He’s a super positive guy and he taught me a thing or two about appreciating what you’ve got.

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Les Kellet

Colt vs CM Punk early early on.

Colt Cabana is a comedy wrestling legend.
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Barry Manilow – Copacabana

Bruce Springstein – The Wrestler

Macho Man Randy Savage – Be A Man

Superchunk – Slack Motherfucker


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Colt Cabana

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Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank #140: Street Aht (with Callum Preston)

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Skeptic Tank 140: Street Aht with Callum Preston (photoshop by @Waterboxer)

#140: Street Aht with Callum Preston (photoshop by @Waterboxer)

Callum Preston was spray painting a mural in an alley in Melbourne, Australia when I asked him if he’d be on my podcast. Callum is part of the Everfresh Crew and his mural was awesome. He met me in a park the next day and we talked about the street art scene in Melbourne, how he got started with spray painting graffiti. And then we talked about Australia in general for a while. It was a beautiful day in a beautiful park and I’m really glad I actually went up to a stranger to talk to him. He’s a cool guy.

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Melbourne has some really cool alleyways full of graffiti. Here are some that I saw.


I met the guy who made this one, LOADZ, shortly after I took a picture of this. He was working on another one up the alleyway.graffiti2




This was Callum finishing up his mural right before I met him.


Up close shot of Callum’s mural.

This Is Not Happening

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