Binki Shapiro and Friends – “Kids Song”


Binki Shapiro and Friends – Kids Song


I randomly came across this unpublished song that my friend, Binki Shapiro, made a few years ago. I think it might have been intended for the “Where The Wild Things Are” soundtrack but I’m probably wrong. Anyway, it’s a beautiful song and the best adaptation of a Dr. Seuss work since the original cartoon for “When The Grinch Stole Christmas.”


I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


And here is the original passage from Dr. Seuss’s “Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?” Most of the lyrics from Binki’s song are nearly identical.

When I was quite young

and quite small for my size,

I met an old man in the Desert of Drize.

And he sang me a song I will never forget.

At least, well, I haven’t forgotten it yet.

He sat in a terribly prickly place.

But he sang with a sunny sweet smile on his face:

When you think things are bad,

when you feel sour and blue,

when you start to get mad . . .

you should do what I do!

Just tell yourself, Duckie,

you’re really quite lucky!

Some people are much more . . .

oh, ever so much more . . .

oh, muchly much-much more

unlucky than you! . . .

. . . consider the Schlottz,

the Crumple-horn, Web-footed, Green-bearded Schlottz,

whose tail is entailed with un-solvable knots.

If he isn’t muchly

more worse off than you,

I’ll eat my umbrella.

That’s just what I’ll do.

[Dr. Seuss, Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are? (New York: Random House, 1973), pp. 3­5, 20]



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Thanks to @ManSamp aka Chris Flannery, out of the disgusting state of New Jersey, for making this sweet picture for me. I’m amazed at how many really solid computer artists are just floating around my life.