New York the Beautiful


I love New York, and I still very much want to live and do standup comedy there. But the homers who say Manhattan is 100% great are ignoring the Kubrick-like dehumanization that’s happening to its residents all over the city all the time. Obviously, this licking a shoe is hilarious. But I love the Asian dude sitting next to him who doesn’t react AT ALL to a man licking his shoe in a manner I can only describe as “vigorous.”


Video sent to me by Ashley Macomber


This Is Not Happening presents: The Agony of Defeat



The latest This Is Not Happening show features an amazing lineup of comedians. This time, they’re all going to be telling sports stories. You’d be surprised how few comics even know what sports are. I think most of them are on this show.


As always, I’ve managed to keep the tickets priced at just $5. That’s a steal. I do it because I really like this show and I’m way more interested in making them a really fun time for the audience and myself. I seriously don’t even want to make any money off these.


Kevin Christy made the poster, as usual. I’m considering starting to sell prints of these after the shows and just giving the cash to Kevin. Enough people have asked where they can get copies. If I do, I’ll probably just sell them for 10 bucks or something.


Ralphie May (Last Comic Standing, Tonight Show, numerous specials, TMZ)

Steve Rannazzisi (The League, Punk’d, Mall Cop, slept on my couch for week)

Nick Kroll (Comedy Central special, Children’s Hosptial, The League, The Life and Times of Tim)

Jay Larson (Comedy Central special, Late Late Show, Live at Gotham)

Patrick Keane (Live at Gotham, Funny Or Die Presents, Greatest MC in Los Angeles

Erin Foley (Comedy Central special, Almost Famous)

Hosted by Ari Shaffir (worst NCAA athlete of 1995 while playing golf for Yeshiva University)


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