This Is Not Happening Presents: Thicker Than Water (family stories)


The latest in our storyteller series. Thicker Than Water will take a look at the family lives of all our comedians.

The lineup is awesome

Bill Burr
Joey Diaz
John Caparulo
Mick Betancourt
Nicole Shabtai
Kevin Shea

As always, I’ve kept the show at just $5 and we’re giving away a framed copy of the Kevin Christy poster signed by all the comedians.


Shroomfest is June 18, 19, & 20, 2011

People are joining together across the globe to take mushrooms at some point between June 18th and June 20th.

Shroomfest is a psychedelic mushroom party happening all over the world over a 3 day period in late June. We’re getting people from across the globe to participate in the largest geographical mushroom party in history.

The deal is this. We’re using this as an excuse to do mushrooms. We have people participating in Australia, Canada, Holland, England, Finland, obviously the United States, and probably a lot of other places. I’m shocked and impressed with how much this is catching on. Take one of those days and designate it a time for you to do your shrooms. It doesn’t have to be all of those days. Just at some point over that time. Although, if you’d like to do it multiple times, more power to you.

So find your shrooms. Plan your parties. Decide where you’re doing them.

Take pictures. Shoot video. Write out what happens.

In addition to the facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/Shroomfest, I’m also trying to designate a portion of my website to housing all the documentation you can upload of your participation in this party. I’d love if you wrote in your stories, shared your pictures and videos, and I’d love it even more if you come back to enjoy the details of other people’s shroomfest.

We also have a Twitter hashtag of #shroomfest. Mark all your related posts with that hashtag and let people follow along with all things shroomfest related in your life. I personally can’t wait for all the pictures of people tripping.

If you’ve never done magic mushrooms before, you are wasting your life.