Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank #40: Prostitutti Frutti

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Skeptic Tank #40: Prostitutti Frutti (with Miss X)

Skeptic Tank #40: Prostitutti Frutti (with Miss X)

An upscale prostitute came to the Skeptic Tank to share with us about her job. It was one of the most interesting conversations I’ve had in a very long time. She was open and honest and very friendly. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did.

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Episode details

Here are some links to the sites Miss X talked about:

The Erotic Review


They work really well if you’re looking for action and you don’t want to get into something you can’t control at all. It’s like the Yelp of sex workers.

Miss X has provided an email address for anyone who wants to contact her. goodiegoodiex@gmail.com Be cool if you write her. Tell her what you thought or find out how she might be available for business.

Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank #40: Prostitutti Frutti


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22 Responses to “Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank #40: Prostitutti Frutti”

  1. Nate Higgers says:

    “Miss X has provided a website for anyone who wants to contact her. goodiegoodiex@gmail.com Be cool if you write her. Tell her what you
    thought or find out how she might be available for business.”

    that’s an email, not a website…. just sayin…

  2. Ken says:

    Sweet interview! Real chill lady

  3. Matt says:

    Another great episode Ari, Thank you Miss X for being so cool and doing this interview.

  4. Rishard says:

    Still listening and I feel like she’s full of shit on one point. The fact that women don’t realy need sex. She says that on one hand, but then talks about needing to go fuck other dudes when she’s in a relationship.

    If she didn’t need to have sex with other dudes and just wanted to be wanted she could stay commited in a relationship and not bang other guys .

    • Miss X says:

      @ Rishard;
      Hey, I get what you are saying, and Im human. I’ve often tried to sit and write my thoughts and beliefs down, but its difficult because the truth is, as a human, every situations is different and so it is hard to make such blanket statements and stand behind them. Its easier to see that in writing then when you are just casually speaking with someone as I was on the air. I do think woman want and need sex, I just dont think its the SAME way men do.

      As far as staying in a sexually committed relationship, I’ve been in them, and men fall off giving attention as much as woman fall off giving attention. Its human nature. Not to mention there is ALWAYS something special about NEW attention. AND Im not the one full of shit saying sexual monogamy is an unattainable goal. Many SCIENTIST say the same thing, Its religion that pushes it. Are those scientist full of shit?? Obviously a small number stick together but that is as much dumb luck as it is forcing it to happen so they can be spiritually pure, but its a small few and not the norm.

      I DO want to be in an emotionally committed relationship, for the sake of building a family someday, I just dont believe SEX should be a deal breaker for either party. That doesn’t mean I want my guy out boning a girl every weekend, but if him or I are apart and something happens, it doesn’t mean we cant still care about each other. Thats MY take on it, Im not saying anyone else has to agree. And i dont think me believing that makes me full of shit. Its not a lie, its a belief.

      Anyway, like I said, its hard to make any sort of rules as to what men and woman are and aren’t, but I do feel I have a pretty good sampling compared to the average citizen and these are the things I’ve learned. Good luck in keeping your committed relationship strong. Ill be curious to see if you are still mating in 50 years (-:

      • Rishard says:

        Miss X,

        Thank you for the long well thought out reply. I enjoyed your interview a lot, but I disagreed with that one stance. I shouldn’t have said “full of shit”. I look back and regret that. Thank you for clarifying your position on that point.

  5. Hitman says:

    Best episode so far! Great job Ari and thank you Ms. X! If more women were like her life on earth would be extremely better. HEY RISHARD go fuck yourself I’d like to see you be as open and honest about your personal life with complete strangers.

    • Rishard says:

      I think the interview was bad ass. I said she’s full of shit on one point and one point only out of all the shit they talked about. She was honest with how she felt things existed in her head, but she was totally contradicting with that point.

  6. Bill Green says:

    LOVE the long format….This was Great interview….please provide more like this…..Love the idea of interviewing a homeless person / tranny / etc….

    Good Job!

  7. Lism says:

    Fuckin eh Ari!! Great episode. Everything you two talked about are legit and people everywhere need to hear this stuff. I don’t want to sound like a fuckin weak ass but I think a great woman can complete a man and vice versa. Even if it’s through a “provider”. Miss X is an example of one of those great women. Shes Doin some Hellen Keller shit. Haha. Very informative interview. It was more like a podcast as Ms X got comfortable. I can only hope I meet a woman of her “calibre” one day. Very few and far between I’d say. I think Miss X should be a regular on the show Ari. Once a month have her come in and just shoot the shit. She’s fucking awesome and has a sense of humor and is ok with weed. #DreamWoman!! Ari you are funny as fuck. Saw you in Edmonton couple months ago. Keep it up you silly Jew. Also Miss X should be at your storyteller shows. That’s enough from me.

  8. Liam says:

    My name is actually Liam. Type o. I’m sure nobody gives a shit. PEACE!!

  9. RIDDLER says:


  10. SFmark says:

    That was a great podcast Miss X and Ari..super insightful and interesting. Miss X…wow, well spoken and a very interesting person. You (MX) confirmed a thought that i had always held that women really don’t like sex that much. I had always thought i was just shitty in bed (though have been told differently from a lot of chicks…but still) but now you confirmed my thoughts on this. I was thinking about it last night, while looking at my wife and it changed my whole thoughts on relationships between men a women, life, the power that women hold, evolution and how this happend etc,..made me a lil’ depressed actually.
    Anyhoo Miss X wanted to see what you thought of Ari’s constant referral to your profession using terms like hooker and other derogatory terms? I thought it was a little disrespectful but may have been for the sake of comedy..not sure. It was’nt out of control disrespectful but curious what your experience was with the interview. Also, Ari, Miss X is one type of woman in this profession (high dollar call girl) would be interesting to hear the gamut from an even higher dollar call girl to the lowest of low dollar/ massage parlor woman with little command of the language sorta thing. wow, what a wordy bitch i am..

  11. kris says:

    Ari and Miss X, Outstanding podcast my favorite to date. thanks for the interesting talk.

  12. JJ says:

    Interesting interview, but I gotta agree with Rishard: Miss X contradicts herself numerous times throughout the interview, particularly regarding money. She indicates that it’s not just about the money, however she can’t help but sound a bit smug when she talks about getting paid 500 bucks an hour or 2500 for an overnight. She seems to relish the idea of getting men to buy stuff for her(and who wouldn’t) however, at various times tries to make it sound like it’s not just about the money. The most egregious being when she talks about becoming friends with clients and offering them more than just sex. If they weren’t paying you, would/could you still have those experiences? You made it sound as though, the money was merely an afterthought and that making a connection was the primary concern.

    In addition, she denigrates lower wage sex workers as if her line of work is somehow more noble than theirs.

    There seems to be a slight disconnect between what she wants to believe is true about herself and what she realizes every time someone gives her money.

    Just for the record: I’m all for legalized prostitution, but at the end of the day, you’re getting paid to fuck, which is totally cool with me. I just expected a little less contradiction from someone who seems quite well-spoken, knowledgeable and insightful.

    • Miss X says:

      I appreciate what you have to say, and I dont know if I said it to Ari off air or on air, but I have often wanted to write about this, but struggle with it for exactly the reasons you mentioned. I often DONT have a strong “THIS IS the way it is…” feeling about a lot of the business, and rather, as soon as I start to say one thing, I am shown the opposite can be true. I really just try to keep an open mind about it,but I think with Ari, we spoke for so long I got very comfortable and casual and spoke quite freely. I am a strong minded person so Im sure I sound opinionated about things, but honestly, I know I am human, we are all human, and that there is always room for things to be different then how I see them.

      There is a lot of variation in this biz and my relationships are different with every clients. With some it is more about the money, and with many it is a real relationship. I dont feel smug about the money, and apologize if I sounded that way, but of course I am happy to be doing what i do and amazed I get paid for it. Who wouldnt want to get paid for a lifestyle they love living. That doesnt mean I dont question things at times. Really, i do like to see both sides of things, so like I said, I totally appreciate and value what you say, I am still trying to define my life and self everyday, and how I view what I and what others do. feel and think is constantly evolving. Reading these post really help me have an even clearer picture a every time

      good luck in your own adventures!

  13. umuppet says:

    Write it down Ari, Sex at Dawn ;p

  14. Lushuz says:

    I had to struggle through the interview, mainly because Ari can’t seem to keep himself from interrupting himself and turning the story to his own experiences. While sometimes your own experiences can help the listener to understand the interviewee better, at the end of the day we want to hear HER thoughts, opinions, etc., not Ari’s. Miss X also mentioned wanting to keep her city of origin secret, but Ari did not edit out the city when it was mentioned at least twice. I wonder if Miss X’s business has suffered at all because of the interview, or if LA is such a large area that the few potential/current clients who heard it do not make a difference overall.

    Also, as someone who has worked at massage parlors, as an escort, provider, etc. for over seven years (not continuously), I personally don’t mind the term “hooker” even though it may have some negative connotations. It’s a word for someone who sells sex…which is exactly what Miss X does. I can understand she’s not selling JUST sex, rather an EXPERIENCE, but the word “provider” while perhaps more accurate, is still a euphemism. I’ve never walked the track and I’ve never had a pimp, but on the lower end of things, I’m more of an exception. I have a full time “regular” job now, but when I worked it was for $170-$220 an hour, typically.

    Despite my never having been beat up, I did not like Miss X’s characterization of the girls who get beat up as being “dumb” or “not careful enough.” While that may be true, in essence, you are still shifting the blame away from the [often male] perpetrator, and onto the [often female] victim. Yes, it’s true we should not make dumb mistakes, but even all your reviews and references are fairly easy to fake— I’m sure you don’t know EVERY girl and gent in L.A. Also, like you said, Miss X, a lot of women do this because they feel like they can’t do anything else…so when the rent is due, and they are behind, they tend to make dumb mistakes and see people they really shouldn’t. You obviously plan, have fore-sight, and have a separate apartment you can see clients at. Not every working girl has those luxuries. Many are stuck on a much lower level of survival, and hooking is the only way to make it to the next day.

    A girl up where I live (Seattle) was murdered in her in-call apartment last year, not by a john, but by a jealous provider and the provider’s friend that she shared a pimp with. The girl who got brutally murdered was someone well known and respected on several local boards, checked and gave references (although many of the higher-volume girls will ask for, but never actually check the references), but was also known to advertise and take calls off of places like Backpage. Again, though, this wasn’t a john who killed her, it was someone she hung out with, smoked pot with, and shared her pimp with. So anything can happen.

    • Miss X says:

      Hey there Lushuz. I do apologize if it sounded like I said some girls are at fault for getting in bad situations. I definitely didnt mean that they are to blame when they get hurt by a man, however I DO think there is LOTS of things us girls can do to make our work safe, so it doesn’t have to be a dangerous job. And I do know a lot of girls who dont even try to do those things, like check references or stuff like that and I worry about them… and I nag them to be careful… and so when they get ripped off or scared by a guy I have to say to them, why didnt you check his references?

      As for girls who work in really bad conditions, because of their situations, I feel for them, and really wouldnt do sex work if I was in a way where I couldnt make it safe. I DO believe we always have a choice and if you dont have a choice then you have much bigger issues that need to be delt with. No woman should be “hooking” because she has too because then it isnt good for the guy or the girl. Its damaging and not fun…SO I am just saying it doesnt need to be dangerous if we all use our brains. You sound like a smart girl and I am sure you make it as safe as you can. As for the murder, I knew about that… but that is more a life thing then a sex work thing. It was driven by jealousy which can happen in any trade or life status. look at Nicole Brown Simpson. that was a jealousy killing (maybe?) and she was wealthy and probably thought she was totally safe. My point is, the girls murder in seattle was not really about what she does for work, it just happen to be a “co worker” who murdered her.

  15. B man says:

    anyone have any idea who this is? really want to put a face/body to the interview… anyone find out?

  16. mister sir says:

    The fact that we didn’t get to at least see her rack with her top ON is a terrible travesty. F-cup. 🙁