Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank #293: Greek Life (with Stavros Halkias)

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Stavros Halkias came to my apartment to tell me all about the people bringing down the EU; Greeks. Stavvy is a really funny young comic in New York and he also grew up in Greek Town with Greek parents, so he’s a real Greek Freak. Greeks are the least maligned group of people in America because nobody knows crap about them. Let’s change that. Let’s find a new group to hate. And with Stavros’s help, maybe that group can be Greeks.

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Listen to Stavros’s podcast, Cum Town, that he does with Nick Mullen


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Kalomira – Greek National Anthem

The Eagles – The Greeks Don’t Want No Freaks

Yanni – Nostalgia – Live At Royal Hall

Zorba The Greek


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His Instagram page is down, but here’s an article about how Stavros inspired a body positive movement. Great job deleting that, Instagram.




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