Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank #276: “Running” of the Bulls (with Kai Humphries, Milo McCabe, and Daniel Sloss) (constant interruptions by Milan Crncevic, Joe Derosa, and Adrian Minkowicz)

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photoshop by Etamaros Peleg

photoshop by Etamaros Peleg

Kai Humphries, Milo McCabe, and Daniel Sloss met me at the Abattoir comedian’s bar in Edinburgh, Scotland to tell me their harrowing tale of cheating death at the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain. This was a super fun story! You gotta go to arithegreat.com for this one to look at the pictures. They’re CRAZY. Guest appearances by random comedy people trying to distract us with booze.

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Guest Details

Click on this damn link and then like and share it so Kai can with a god damn trip to do comedy in America. If the embed doesn’t work, click on here: indi.com/7fzbb



Episode Details

Just added. This is actual video of Kai falling down all the way through where the dude tries to kick him in the ass and it gets intercepted. It almost looks like he bobs up for a second to try to run and then his brain tells him that he was supposed to stay down and that’s when the bulls all leaped him.



That’s a man who’s about to die. Look at the cop third from the left pointing at him. Jesus Christ, jelly legs.


Look at the way Milo shows “genuine concern” for his soon to be gored friend.



This is the side graze Kai got. Luck of the fucking Scotts.


This is a picture of a man who has just died.


Here’s Kai being shit out by a bull.




The Music

Opening Song to the San Fermin bull running

Morrissey – The Bullfighter Dies

Pelle Carlburg – Pamplona

Rage Against the Machine – Bulls on Parade


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