Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank #144: The “Don’t Worry about Lawsuits” makeup episode

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ASST #144: The "Don't Worry about Lawsuits" Makeup Episode (photoshop by @BenWesorick

ASST #144: The “Don’t Worry about Lawsuits” Makeup Episode (photoshop by @BenWesorick)

Paul Morrissey came by my New York apartment yesterday on his way to do the Artie Lange show and it was lucky he did. I had to take down this week’s original podcast because people are little beeitches sometimes and everybody worries about getting sued so much they don’t even care if what they’re doing wasn’t wrong. Regardless, Morrissey and I talked about the life of my New York apartment from beginning to soon to be end. With special insightful notes and voice mails detailing why I’m not a good person.

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Guest Details
The Alley Oop Podcast with Paul Morrissey
Paul Morrissey’s Back (his standup album on iTunes)


The Music
The Faces – Ooh La La
Dave Attell – Insomniac Theme Song


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This Is Not Happening story of the week (Moshe Kasher)


The response letter I left for my landlord

The response letter I left for my landlord



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