Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank #128: Boozer (with Bert Kreischer)

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ASST #128: Boozer with Bert Kreischer (cover art by @CountBlackula)

ASST #128: Boozer with Bert Kreischer (cover art by @CountBlackula)

Bert Kreischer met me on the patio of the Comedy Store to talk about his history with alcohol. We covered how he got started, when it became a major part of his life, and where he stand with it now. It was a fun talk that got a little dark in a couple places when we discussed his ex and then again when another comedian walked by. And Joe Rogan makes an appearance on the intro.

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Guest Details

The second best story Bert has ever done on my This Is Not Happening storyteller show.

A little standup for your ears.

Fuck it. Here’s Tom Segura’s This Is Not Happening story. Tom and Bert are friends. So there.


The Music
Janis Joplin – What Good Can Drinkin’ Do (read the description in the video. This is her first song she ever recorded)
Korpiklaani – Happy Little Boozer (any metal fans)
The Kinks – Demon Alcohol (such a cool damn chorus)
Gogol Bordello – Alcohol (I hear they’re amazing live. I gotta see it at some point)


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