Amazing Racist

 These are some pranks I did called “The Amazing Racist.” Some people know me from these. Keep in mind, I’m a standup comedian. That should answer any questions you have. I won’t tell people if I’m “really racist or not” or if “I know I’m Jewish” because they’re both very stupid questions.

These pranks make many people laugh and many people angry. If you’re cool, they probably won’t make you angry. If you can’t see the irony or comedic value of a Jew in a Klan outfit who yells at a Latino man to “Go back to Africa.” then I can’t help you on your life journey. You’re already lost.


19 Responses to “Amazing Racist”

  1. josh says:

    thats good shit man!!!!

  2. Tom says:

    Do you make fun of your own race?

  3. michael says:

    this is so funny but the last part was a bit mean

  4. britesh acquisitione says:

    Hi Ari. My name is Britesh Acquisitione. I have been monitoring you for about 9 years now. You have my interest. I am curious why you have treated people this way since you were a child because you father told you to hate. Not a good idea in these days. I am a very interesting person. Me and you should chat one day. My number is 214-462-4421. I am the total opposite of who you are. Please understand that the future is catching up with you. I suggest you tread carefully for the next five years starting on May 2, 2010. This is the only issue of circumstance that I have been given instructions to do so. This is an extremely important message, but because I am not allowed to reveal your future’s intentions then I just say. I can’t do.

  5. sevag says:

    listen bro i am yr twin i do eavery thing u do exept i dont have as mutch balls ur the greatest i luv u bro send me info of any of ur show in ca. u the best i spent hours looking 4 ur videos on youtube i couldent find them but i finally found this

  6. joe says:

    If you want to really be edgy and ironic, how about doing a bit on “The Amazing Jewish Antisemitic.”

  7. joe says:

    “If you’re cool, they probably won’t make you angry.” what?

    the only person laughing at these videos are the guys on Stormfront. anyone who isn’t racist is naturally going to be offended.

    if you’re trying to satirize racism, you have to actually write or create satire. simply being racist isn’t satire – it’s being racist.

    you’re a fucking idiot. and you’re not funny.

  8. joe says:

    by the way i just noticed the previous person was also “joe” but that wasn’t me – different joe

    by the way, if you’re cool, me calling you a fucking idiot and unfunny probably won’t make you angry.

  9. nick says:

    your jokes are funny but your son is a fat fuck!!
    you should have a whole line of jokes to talk shit about him too it would be hilarious

  10. Alex says:

    What the fuck? The part with the workers was messed up…

  11. bigsexy says:

    This guy is great………….If you are too black to get it you are too stupid to breath

  12. justin says:

    Your not even funny your just stupid. I’m white, I have a great sense of humor. But thats just being a bully. Your a fucking jew, so pick quarters out of a fucking fountain asshole. Throwing oranges at mexicans? Not cool bro. Grow the fuck up, your never going to become a great comedian with this bullshit. Grow a good sense of humor, you piece of garbage.

  13. General Spook X says:

    Ari, you are hilarious! You first caught my attention with your infamous skits as The Amazing Racist! I like how you poke fun at the thing that people are sensitive on most… racism. People have to learn to lighten up and if they took what others said so serious all the time, they would just become more stupid. If someone can’t catch the irony of it, then it’s not for them. The commercials you were in were great as well. But my question is, how come you were credited under another name on the movie Lucky Number Slevin?

  14. Craigo says:

    Classic !! That is gold ! I seen u wen u wer in Australia at rooty hill RSL !! I got a photo with u! Anyway u make me laugh ! So fuck al u haters out ther ! N luv the podcast u do with Joe !! Cant wait til u cum bak down under !! Great work Ari !! *****

  15. Mr. goldsteinburgenklein says:

    The jewish community shuns you. You are a disgrace to all jewish comedians and should really stop making these stupid skits. thank you.

  16. Craigo's a fag! says:

    I bet you would like him to cum back down under all over your face you stupid aussie fucker go jerk off kangaroos and koalas butt pirate!!! BTW ari your not even a funny kike and thats the worst kind of kike!!

  17. Ted says:

    you should make fun of shylock fucks like yourself.

  18. Anonymous says:

    every hater just shut the fuck up . u must liek himsince u watched him BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!